Here is another thing (amongst many others) that I always ask myself: Who decides which one is the color of the year? Do the various designers get together and vote on the color? If not how?

Ok, even when the “in” color is decided upon, why should I feel obligated to wear it? If I don’t like it, or does not look good on me, like purple for example, do I have to wear it? Who am I trying to please? Just so I can blend in with the crowds? Or so I don’t stand out?

What should I do if I don’t feel comfortable dressed that way? Does one still need to show as being up to date, that they are following fashion? What if I feel better dressed in green while everyone else around me wears purple?

What if I don’t care to be “in’? What should I do? Maybe wear a sign that says ” Look, I know what the seasonal trend is but I don’t feel like wearing it. Can I still safely walk around? Will I be allowed entry in certain “important” places?”

I have happened to go to a store looking for a pair of brown shoes and I was told that they weren’t selling them since it was not the color in vogue. I understand, but I do need them now and I need them brown.

Once, during summertime, I went to work wearing a light green outfit made of linen. My colleague said to me:” Go home and change, that color is out of fashion.”

As if saying, “You look ridiculous”. I answered with questions:”Who says so? Who decides if one should wear light green or not, and why should I care?”

If color therapy is founded, with the idea that for each of us there are best suited colors for different situations, then one or two fashionable colors are not enough for everyone.

When I wake up, I open my closet and I ponder on what color I feel like for that day. I believe this is part of one’s personal freedom as one of the many ways to express ourselves.

Why is this kind of free personal expression reserved only for the so-called VIPs? Or few “freaks” or mad scientists (as we see in cartoons)? It seems that it’s not OK for “common” people to go too far. You are not taken serioulsy. it doesn’t matter how polite, kind or intelligent you may be. You always look odd to the eyes of “normal” people, even if they themselves don’t know how to define “normality”.

When it comes to the work environment, I totally embrace uniforms. I think one needs to know who is who and who does what. This also protects your clothes when it comes to certain jobs.

Of course, if one has to wear a uniform, it would be great if it could be decided as a team as to what kind. Personally, I did happen to turn down a job because I could not picture myself in a traditional dress with a deep low cut. If I am not comfortable in my own skin when ‘packaged” in certain kind of uniforms, if something is too tight or shows too much skin, I am not able to give my best at work.

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