Here is another thing (amongst many others) that I always ask myself: Who decides which one is the color of the year? Do the various designers get together and vote on the color? If not how? Ok, even when the “in” color is decided upon, why should I feel obligated to wear it? If I don’t like it, or does not look good on me, like purple for example, do I have to wear it? Who am I trying to please? Just so I can blend in with the crowds? Or so I don’t stand out? What should I do if I don’t feel comfortableLeggi di più

Another fashion phenomena that I don’t understand! I ask myself: Who managed to convince men to wrap a cloth around their necks that needs to be tied a certain way? Most likely, many of those who wear it daily don’t even know where it comes from or how it got its name! It doesn’t really matter. What’s interesting is  that it is now almost a “must” everywhere in the world. Without it you would not be able to go to work in certain offices,  attend some parties or even go to an interview. Even some restaurants will deny you entry if you don’t wear one.Leggi di più

Si, un tema molto attuale negli ultimi tempi. In realtà, già da decenni, e a me sembra che il processo di prenderne giusta coscienza duri da troppo tempo. Nonostante tanti appelli, informazioni, filmati scioccanti dei media, esistono ancora degli individui (che non posso chiamare umani) ai quali proprio non gliene frega niente. E purtroppo ci sono anche persone che per i soldi (molto insanguati) scuoiano la pelle dei cani, gatti ed altri esseri innocenti ancora vivi. Nemmeno si prendono il tempo per ucciderli prima, perché il tempo è denaro; più ne scuoiano al giorno, più guadagnano. A me solo il pensiero provoca una tristezza profonda,Leggi di più


Thankfully there is an ever growing number of people living in a environmentally friendly way and more aware of nature. We get detailed information on how to best eat, travel and spend in such a way as to do the least possible damage to Mother Earth. Certainly, even the way we dress plays a part on the environment. Healthy living includes dressing ourselves (and our homes) in a responsible way. Not only because the dyes on the material could cause allergies, but also because the washing process contributes to water pollution. And we know that water is essential to all living things. Making personal changes,Leggi di più

As I look at young people today, memories of “my days” come back to me. Also in my youth Grandmothers and Aunts kept talking about how things were in the days of their youth, (as I am doing now). Obviously times have changed, and so have fashion trends. Children grow up faster, they are sure of themselves, they use make up and “rock” on 12 cm high heels. I get slightly sad to see your girls looking so much like each other. Same clothes from the same shops, loads of make up and long straightened hair. I don’t have anything against designer clothes, expensive orLeggi di più

Everything we do on a daily basis impacts the environment (someone said “Even what we don’t do). Even the way we shop is certainly connected to protecting the environment. There was possibly a lot we didn’t know before the internet era. But nowadays, it is pretty fast and easy to get information on almost any topic. Did you ever wonder how a T-shirt can only cost 3 Euros? Both the cotton and thread have a price. With a Polo shirt, add the buttons, with pants a zipper, etc. The manufacturer and the seller have to make a profit. Add to that transport and customs expenses,Leggi di più