2 Nostalgia (Am I the only one?)

As I look at young people today, memories of “my days” come back to me.

Also in my youth Grandmothers and Aunts kept talking about how things were in the days of their youth, (as I am doing now).

Obviously times have changed, and so have fashion trends. Children grow up faster, they are sure of themselves, they use make up and “rock” on 12 cm high heels.

I get slightly sad to see your girls looking so much like each other. Same clothes from the same shops, loads of make up and long straightened hair.

I don’t have anything against designer clothes, expensive or not. It’s just that they all seem to be in uniform…with nothing reflecting their imagination or their individuality.

It may be that I was rather Hippie (even though I was born years after that era). I didn’t care to wear make up or act sexy (and, believe it or not, I still had many admirers). To me one thing was important: being different, show my creativity, wear clothes that no one else had. True, I couldn’t afford much, but I was good at making my own. I was envied by others and many tried to copy me.

At 15 years old I could sew my own pants, blouses and skirts.

My Grandma helped me with the winter cape, but the following two double sided jackets, I made myself. Sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves. As far as wool socks go, my other Grandma (the one from the country side) was in charge of that. She would also crochet beautiful things.

Long before starting university (later I didn’t have time) I sewed a lot for me and my friends. My Mother does beautiful embroidery, and this made my long skirts always special. Once I asked for a locomotive with wagons all around the skirt. Next, my secret letters ( I had made up a secret form of writing along with a friend of mine). Another time, it was the musical notes of my favorite song…and yet another time patchwork made up of 5 different kinds of blue material with flowers. I also made a summer dress in pink with a matching purse and espadrillas, all by myself. Always something unique and original…even an Indian vest with fringes.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of any ofthese…in those days it wasn’t as simple as todayand often I would pass my clothes down to theyoungest cousin so that I no longer have them.The only thing left is my patchwork skirt thatmy Mom kept.

 That’s why I am happy to see young people on YouTube showing items made by them. It gives me hope that there aren’t just a few of us (of a certain age) left to “stand up” for nature and our creativity.

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