1 Upcycling… (because it’s close to my heart.)

Thankfully there is an ever growing number of people living in a environmentally friendly way and more aware of nature. We get detailed information on how to best eat, travel and spend in such a way as to do the least possible damage to Mother Earth.

Certainly, even the way we dress plays a part on the environment. Healthy living includes dressing ourselves (and our homes) in a responsible way. Not only because the dyes on the material could cause allergies, but also because the washing process contributes to water pollution. And we know that water is essential to all living things.

Making personal changes, turning the “old into the new”, requires imagination, a lot of time and patience..a form of meditation and cure for the environment.

We could also give away our clothes that are still in good condition, to charity. While my husband and I have given away a lot of our clothes, there have been some that were not good enough to pass on but that at the same time was a shame to throw away. Like some that had designs or embroidery that could easily become unique pieces.

There are more and more of us getting involved in Upcycling but it is not yet a trend. Presently there are only few people walking around proudly wearing their own crazy creations. For many, this way of doing things feels like they are giving an impression of being poor, or something belonging to the past, but it doesn’t necessarily have something to do with being frugal. Turning old clothes into something new requires investing a lot of precious time. In times past, people doing embroidery would take hours or weeks to do so; I can show my appreciation and respect by giving new life to their work.

Nothing wrong with wanting to save either! This way we could have extra money to do something nice for others or to help those in need.

Most peole, “play it safe” and wear designer clothes (even if it that doesn’t suit them) rather than risking ridicule by putting on their own works, however unique they may be.

Why are we so concerned with what our (often not so loved) colleagues or neighbors think about it? Are they all fashion experts? This is why I would like to motivate my readers and followers to be creative, sure of themselves and always original.

There is no longer a need to be thrifty, but rather to have a radical change in our outlook on this. A new way to be productive while protecting our enviroment. We can do this mainly through our behavior, way of life and how we spend.

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