Another fashion phenomena that I don’t understand! I ask myself: Who managed to convince men to wrap a cloth around their necks that needs to be tied a certain way?

Most likely, many of those who wear it daily don’t even know where it comes from or how it got its name!

It doesn’t really matter. What’s interesting is  that it is now almost a “must” everywhere in the world.

Without it you would not be able to go to work in certain offices,  attend some parties or even go to an interview.

Even some restaurants will deny you entry if you don’t wear one.

Luckly there are some people that did away with such obligations.  Rare individuals like modern architects, stylists,

teachers and other employees, gave themselves “permission” not to use it anymore. But in banks, insurance companies,

law firms, ec. it is still a must. Undoubtedly, on some people it does look good, but why can’t one go without ?

When it comes to hanging gold chains or precious stones around your neck, that’s understandable. They are valuable and

carry positive energy to those that wear them. If you wear a scarf, it will keep you warm or maybe it will cover areas you

you don’t want to expose. But a tie  does not have much value or energy. It does not keep you warm or cover much.

On the contrary, it can get too tight and choke you! Often it is not too attractive. In spite of all this many endure

and accept it. There are certainly some that can’t stand it and refuse to wear it even at a wedding; they are looked down

on by others as if saying  “Com’on, you could have made an exeption this once.”


How is it that fashion trends change regularly,but the tie remains the same. At times, the width varied, but not the length.Some dare to wear it with dots or a solid color, but the norm seems to be stripes. Maybe men are not as open to big changes(colors and styles) as women are.

They stick to what’s safe in order not to make a mistake. There have been brave individuals that attempted to show reativity and a sense of humor by wearing crazy, odd, hand designed, uniques pieces. I liked that trend as I love self-irony. However this did not last long as people were viewd as ridiculous. It is true that  some often wear a bow tie.They adopted this as a symbol, a sign of recognition.You have to be the right person for this.I am curious to see what the future of this “piece of cloth” will be: Will it change or will it become “untouchable”?

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